How to Install a Vehicle Tracking Device in your car

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It's truly not that demanding to install a vehicle tracking device. With a couple of straightforward hand tools and a little know how, you can do this yourself regardless of the fact that you don't have much encounter taking an shot at vehicles.


  1. The foremost thing you might as well do while installing a vehicle tracking device is to open the bundle that it goes in and verify that you have all the fundamental parts. You do this by perusing the guidelines exhaustively and checking the part record to determine you're not missing anything.
  2. The following step is to choose where you're heading off to mount the device. The direction manual will give you thoughts of where your specific model ought to be mounted. Certain models might be mounted at whatever location on the vehicle while others need to be mounted where they will improve gathering.
  3. Afterward you should mount the vehicle tracking device. In certain requisitions were the device will be mounted just for an short time of time, its fitting to secure the device with semi perpetual clasp for example zip ties. In most provisions, where the vehicle tracking device will be installed for all time, the pack will accompany some self taping screws. The aforementioned screws are outlined to both start a gap in the metal and secured the device to the vehicle. Make certain and pick someplace that won't cause harm to the vehicle. Case in point you absolutely would prefer not to screw the vehicle tracking device into the gas tank. By and by, imply the direction manual for plans on where to install the tracking device.
    After you have considered a suitable spot, utilizing a power bore with a screwdriver bit, securely affixed the device to the vehicle with the self taping screws.
  4. The following step is to associate the tracking device to the vehicles wiring system. The tracking device will conceivable accompany two wires joined to it. One will be red and one will be dark.
    The red wire is associated with either the positive electric cell terminal or a wire on the vehicle that holds power. You can use the multimeter or test light to discover a wire that has power.
    The dark wire is either associated with the negative electric cell terminal or to a robust metal spot on the vehicle.